Kylee More Homepage

This tutorial will cover how to setup the Homepage for the Kylee More theme.

Front Page 1 – 3 Side by Side Images

>> Front Page 1

You have a few options on how to setup this section up but I’ll begin by showing you how to set it up just like the demo site.

The Kylee More demo site is using 2 Featured Pages and 1 Photo Slider. Lets begin. You can follow along with the video or the step by step guide below.

1. Blank Widget

You will first need to install a blank widget. Click on Appearance >> Widgets. Click on “Custom HTML” then choose “Front Page 1” from the dropdown options. You do not need to add anything in this widget. Leave it blank.

2. Featured Page

You will need to have a least 2 pages created first (such as an About Me page or Contact Me page). To create a new page click on “Pages” then “Add New”. Please also be sure that your pages have a Featured Image. See an example below.

Next, go back to Appearance >> Widgets. Click on “Genesis – Featured Page” then choose “Front Page 1” from the dropdown options.

a. Give it a title and choose the page you would like to feature.

b. Put a check mark in the box that says “Show Featured Image”.

c. Choose Vertical Image from the dropdown menu where it says “Image Size”.

d. Choose Center from the dropdown where it says “Image Alignment”.

e. Click “Save”.

This is what Front Page 1 widget section should look like so far. It has the blank Custom HTML widget and the Genesis – Featured Page widget.

3. Photo Slider

Next we need to add the photo slider. Please follow this tutorial to create the slider. Then come back to this page when you have added the slider.

4. Featured Page

Go back to step 2 above and add a second Genesis – Featured Page widget to Front Page 1.

Front Page 1 – Troubleshooting

IMPORTANT – Troubleshooting

If your images are not aligned side by side or if they are stacking on top of each other… please be sure you have 4 widgets in Front Page 1. See the image below on how your Front Page 1 should look.

They should be in this order:
1. Custom HTML – leave this one blank
2. Genesis Featured Page
3. Custom HTML – this is the slider
4. Genesis Featured Page

Front Page 1 – Different Options

Different Options

There are a few different options you can change on Front Page 1. Get creative with these other options.

Option 1 – Instead of using 2 Featured Pages and 1 slider… you could have 3 Featured Pages and no slider.

Option 2 – Or, create 2 sliders and use only one Featured Page.

Option 3 – Or one full width slider and no Featured Pages. If you want one full width slider… please change your Soliloquy config settings from 400 to 1280 and 600 to 500 (or 400 – however tall you would like your slider).

Option 4 – You can also use the widget called “Genesis – Featured Posts” (posts… not pages). Here is an image to show you what the Featured Post settings would look like.

Front Page 1 – Feature A Category

Feature a Category

Option 5 – If you would like to Feature a Category please follow these next steps.

Step 1. We first need to install a plugin. Click on “Plugins” then “Add New”. In the search boxy type in Genesis Featured Page Advanced. Click “Install Now” then “Activate”.

Step 2. You will need the links to your Categories. To get your links… click on “Posts” then “Categories”. Hover over the category of your choice then click on “View”. Copy the URL link at the top of your site. This is the link to use in the widget. Save this link. Do this for any other categories you want to use too.

Step 3. Next, go to “Appearance” then “Widgets”. Look for the widget for this new plugin called “Genesis – Featured…”. You may see 3 with the same name, use the one that has a description “Display Featured Page with Images and Content”. Click on it then choose “Front Page1”.

Step 4. Setup this widget like these 2 images. Then click “Save”.

>> Front Page 2

Front Page 2 is where the Subscribe box is. On the demo site it will say “Join the List”. To setup the subscribe box please follow this tutorial.

>> Blog Posts

You can begin to create your blog posts and they should automatically show up on the homepage. To create a blog post please click on “Posts” then “Add New”.

If you have already created blog posts but they are missing from the homepage… please check the following.

a. Click on Appearance >> Customize.

b. Click on Homepage Settings.

c. Please be sure that “Your Latest Posts” is checked (not A Static Page).

d. Click Publish.

>> All Set

The homepage is now setup. Please return to the main tutorial to finish the rest.