Here are a few answers to common questions we receive.
If you do not see your answer below please send us a support ticket.

Install Setup

If the demo content (step 4 here) doesn’t upload and you receive an error message… this is usually due to a conflict with a plugin or a previous theme. Here is what I recommend:

1. If there are any updates that need to be done on your site… please be sure to do them first. You can find the updates by visiting your WordPress dashboard then click on Dashboard >> Updates.

2. Click on “Appearance”. Delete all the themes that you have installed on your site except for the Studio Mommy theme (that you purchased), the Kadence Theme, and a basic WordPress theme (like Twenty Twenty-Three). You should have a total of 3 themes now. You may want to have a backup of the other themes saved to your computer before you delete them in case you want to use them again in the future.

3. Next, click on “Plugins”. Deactivate all of the plugins on your site except for the Kadence plugins and the required plugins for your Studio Mommy theme. You can view the bottom of your theme’s tutorial page to see the required plugins.

4. After following the steps above… try to install the demo content again. If you still continue to receive the error message please send me a support ticket.

If you see this error message then the theme file you have uploaded is not zipped. The file needs to be zipped in order to upload it to your site.

Do you have a Mac computer? These computers have a setting that will automatically unzip files when you download them. To turn this off please click on “Safari” then “Settings”. Under the “General” tab please uncheck the box that says “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”. You can now re-download the theme files and they should stay zipped.

This is totally okay. This plugin is only used for the demo site. You do not need this plugin. The custom font will be installed on your site when you install the demo content in step 4 above.


There have been a few people who have brought this to my attention. This doesn’t happen to everyone. I’ve narrowed it down to the Custom HTML block (this is used for the subscribe box section). It has something to do with your hosting account. It is blocking you from adding <script> into the “Custom HTML” block. For the moment, you can delete the <script> code and you will be able to save any changes you make to your homepage.

The best person to contact about this issue would be your hosting company. I also found an article that goes over this with more info… . In the article he mentions about whitelisting his IP address which helped. This is something your hosting company can help you with. 

If you have installed the theme and the demo content (step 4 here), with no error messages but your homepage does not look like the demo site… please follow this tutorial here.