Genesis eNews Extended Subscribe Box

Note: If you do not have an email subscription service yet, I highly recommend ConvertKit (affiliate). That is who I use but you are welcome to choose any subscription service of your choice.

First step is to install the plugin called “Genesis eNews Extended” (if it’s not already installed). Follow these steps below.

1. Click on “Plugins” on your dashboard (left hand side). Then click on “Add New” (top of the screen).

2. On the right side where it says “Search Plugins” type in Genesis eNews Extended. Find the plugin, click on “Install Now” then “Activate”.

3. Next click on “Appearance” then “Widgets”. Under “Available Widgets” look for “Genesis eNews Extended”. Click this widget and choose Primary Sidebar and/or

Note: If you installed the Widget Content then this widget is already available for you to use. You do not need to add it again.

  • Classy Ink – place this widget in Footer 2
  • Editorial Avenue – place this widget in Subscribe Box
  • Her Exclusive theme – place this widget in Header Right, and Footer 3
  • Ellie Jane – place this widget in the Front Page 2 and Footer Widget 1
  • Exquisite theme place this widget in the Home Featured Posts
  • Kate Marcado theme place this widget in the Homepage 1 and Footer 1
  • Adore Me theme, place this widget in Front Page 2
  • Hailey Wells – place this widget in Footer 3
  • Kylee More – place this widget in Front Page 2
  • Beyond Madison – place this widget in Front Page 2
  • Carpe Diem – place this widget in Navigation Bar and Widget Above Footer (also see side note below)

4. Now we need to link our Subscription Service to this widget.

For ConvertKit follow this tutorial.

For MailChimp follow this tutorial.

Flodesk follow this tutorial.

For Google Feedburner follow this tutorial.

Follow this tutorial for Aweber, FeedBlitz and all others. Hint – watch the video. It will help tremendously.

Carpe Diem Side Note

For the “Widget Above Footer”… to use the Script/Cursive font as shown in the demo site… copy/paste the code below in the eNews Extended widget, where it says “Text To Show Before Form:”