Instagram/Social Bio Link Page

This tutorial will show you how to create a Social Bio Link page. When people are on your Instagram page (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.)… they will be directed to this page with the most important content on your site.

You can follow the video below or the written tutorials underneath it.

Let’s Get Started

To get started click on Pages >> Add New. Give it a title such as “Welcome!”

On the right side of the screen click on Page Attributes. Under “Template” choose Instagram.

Click Publish when done. Take note of the Link (post address / permalink). You will need this later.

Can’t find the Permalink? Look on the right side… click on “Permalink” and you will find it under “Preview”.

Add Content

Now you can add your content. To do this, click on Appearance >> Widgets. On the Kylee More theme we used these widgets.

  • Navigation Menu
  • Simple Social Icons
  • and Genesis Featured Post widget

Navigation Menu

You will first need to create a menu for the instagram page. To do this click on Appearance >> Menus. Click on create a new menu, give it a menu name, then click “Create Menu”. Proceed to add any posts, pages, or categories to your menu. Click “Save Menu” when done.

Next go to Appearance >> Widgets. Click on “Navigation Menu” then choose “Instagram Page” from the dropdown. Choose your Menu for the Instagram Page then click “Save” when done. View your Instagram Page (the permalink I mentioned above is how you will see your Instagram Page).

Social Media Icons

If you haven’t installed the Simple Social Icons plugin yet… please follow this tutorial.

If you have already installed this plugin… please go to Appearance >> Widgets, if you are not there yet. Next, click on “Simple Social Icons” then choose “Instagram Page” from the dropdown. Add the links to your social media pages then click “Save”.

Recent Posts

Last step… click on the widget “Genesis – Featured Posts” then choose “Instagram Page” from the dropdown. Change your settings to reflect the settings in the image below.

Click “Save” when done.

Copy the permalink to your Instagram Page (we mentioned this earlier) and use that link on your Instagram account profile (and/or Facebook, Twitter, etc.).