Feature Categories

Step 1. We first need to install a plugin. If you already installed the Widget Content… you can skip this step and move to Step 2 below.

Click on “Plugins” then “Add New”. In the search boxy type in Genesis Featured Page Advanced. Click “Install Now” then “Activate”.

Step 2. You will need the links to your Categories. To get your links… click on “Posts” then “Categories”.

Hover over the category of your choice then click on “View”.

Copy the URL link at the top of your site. This is the link to use in the widget. Save this link. Do this for the other categories you want to use as well.

Step 3. Next, go to “Appearance” then “Widgets”. Click on “Custom HTML” then choose “Before Blog Widget”. Leave this widget blank. It’s just a placeholder. Nothing needs to be in it.

Step 4. Look for the widget called “Genesis – Featured…”. You may see 3 widgets with the same name, use the one that has a description “Display Featured Page with Images and Content”. Click on it then choose “Before Blog Widget”.

Step 5. Setup this widget like these 2 images. Then click “Save”.

Step 6. Repeat Step 4 to add more Categories. You can add 4 total.