How to Use the Testimonial Rotator Plugin

Want to tell the world what your customers think of your services/products? I recently found this awesome plugin that will rotate your testimonials. I’m also using it on my own site on the homepage. This is how to use it.

Install the Plugin

1. You will first need to install the plugin. Go to “Plugins” then “Add New”.

2. In the search box type in “Testimonial Rotator“. Once it’s found click on “Install Now” then “Activate”.

Create Rotator

3. Next click on “Testimonial” then “Add Rotator“. Give it a title like “What they are saying…” then click “Publish”.

Add New Testimonial

4. Now we need to add your customers reviews. Click on “Add New” under “Testimonial”. Click on image to see a larger picture.

5. Give it a title. Please note that on some themes the title will not be shown but you will still need to give it a title.

6. Add the review to the content box. Then add your customers information (like name and website name) at the bottom where it says “Testimonial Options” “Author Information”.

7. Where it says “Attach to Rotator”. Check the box next to Rotator you created in Step 3.

8. For the Adore Me theme – choose the Star Rating as well, if you would like to see the stars.

9. Click on “Publish”. If this is the only testimonial you have, go to the next step below. If you need to add more testimonials, go back to Step 4 and follow the same instructions but adding a different testimonial.

Add Testimonial to Homepage

10. Now we can add your testimonials to the homepage. To do this click on “Appearance” then “Widgets”.

11. Click on the widget “Testimonial Rotator” then choose “Home Testimonial” from the drop down options.

12. Give it a title then choose your Rotator. Click “Save” then view your site.

Adore Me Theme

For the Adore Me theme please change your settings in this plugin to match the image below.