How to Setup the Pricing Table

Step 1. First, create a Page for your Pricing Table. Click on PAGES then click ADD NEW.

Step 2. Add a title for your page and some text to introduce your packages/pricing.

Step 3. Add a CUSTOM HTML block like the image below.

Step 4. Copy the code below then paste it into the CUSTOM HTML block.

Your page should look something like this:

Step 5. Preview your page to see how it looks and where each package lies. Change the info to your own pricing info.

  • Starter – $95 – change to your package name and price
  • Kitchen Sink – $450 – change to your package name and price
  • Custom – $250 – change to your package name and price
  • List Item #1, #2, and #3 – change to your bullet points. Tell your visitors what is included with that package.
  • – change this link to where your visitors can checkout/purchase this package. You can use a PayPal link or a WooCommerce product.

Step 6. Click PUBLISH when done.