How to Setup the Contact Page

Note: The contact forms that you see on my demo sites come from the free plugin called Ninja Forms. This plugin is free but it does offer an upgrade if you wanted to use it’s additional features. The upgrade is not required to set it up like the demo site.

Install Plugin

If you installed the Widget Content for your theme… you can skip this step and start at #3.

1. To install this plugin please go to Plugins then Add New.

2. In the search box type in Ninja Forms. Click on Install then Activate.

Create Contact Page

3. Next, click on Pages then Add New. Give your new page a title like Contact Page.

For my contact pages… I like to create a column where the text is on the left and the words are on the right. I also like to make my Contact Page full width. You can follow those steps below or skip to #8

Make Page Full Width

4. To make a page full width… click on the .”Genesis” Icon at the top right of your screen.

5. Where it says “Select Layout”… choose “Full Width”. That’s it.

Create a Column

6. To create a column.. click on the “+” icon, type in Column, then click on the Columns block.

7. Click on the left “+” icon to add a paragraph.

Add the Ninja Form

8. Click on the “+” icon, type in Ninja Form, then click on the Ninja Form block.

9. Choose your “Contact Me” form then click “Publish.

Where do the emails go?

When someone fills out your form… it will go to the email address that is in your WordPress settings. To change this or to see which email you are using… click on “Settings” bottom left of your screen. Then you should see a section for the Email Address.

Add the Contact Page to the Menu Bar

Click on Appearance >> Menus. Check the box next to your “Contact Page” then click “Add to Menu”. Save your changes then view your site.

Important: this theme is compatible to work with Ninja Forms but we cannot offer any support for this plugin (besides the steps listed above) since this plugin is not created by us. If you need further assistance after completing the steps above please contact Ninja Forms here.