How to Install Studio Mommy’s WordPress Theme

Important Note Before We Begin

It’s always a good idea to do all the updates that are on your WordPress dashboard before you install a new theme. Studio Mommy’s themes are created using the newest version of WordPress and plugins. If you are using an older version then you may run into some problems.

Also, if you are using a Cache Plugin – don’t forget to clear your cache, after you make changes to your site, or you may not see the changes.

Let’s Begin the Install:

If you would like to display a “Coming Soon” or “Under Maintenance” page so that your visitors can’t see the changes to your site yet – I highly recommend CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin. This is optional and not necessary. You can install this plugin by click on “Plugins” then “Add New”. Search for CMP then click “Install” >> “Activate”. Next, click on “CMP Settings” at the bottom left of your screen.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video on how to install our themes. You can follow the video tutorial or the steps below.

Upload the Genesis Framework

1. We are first going to install the Genesis Framework (if you haven’t installed it yet). If it’s already installed skip to step 5 below. Very important that you install Genesis first BEFORE you install the theme. If you install the theme first then you may receive an error message.

2. Log in to your WordPress account and click on Appearance (on the left hand side of your dashboard).

3. Next click on “Upload” at the top of your page then click on “Upload Theme”. Click on “browse”, find/choose the Genesis zip file you saved to your computer, then click on “open”.

4. Click on “Install Now” then click on “Activate”.

Upload the Theme Design

5. Lets install the theme. You’ll follow the same steps you followed above but choose your themes zip file instead. This is how: click on “Appearance” (if you are not there yet). Click on “Upload” at the top of your page then click on “Upload Theme”.

6. Next click on “browse”, find/choose the Theme’s file you saved to your computer, then click on “open”. Click on “Install Now” then click on “Activate”.

7. Wah-la, your theme is installed. Please follow the rest of your themes tutorials to setup your social media icons, share buttons, welcome image/message, subscribe box, and more.