Footer Social Menu

These are the social media links at the end of your site.

Step 1. To get started we need to create a menu. Click on APPEARANCE >> MENUS. Click CREATE A NEW MENU.

Step 2. Type in a menu name then click CREATE MENU.

Step 3. Click on SCREEN OPTIONS at the top right of your screen. Then check the box for CSS CLASSES.

Step 4. Under ADD MENU ITEMS click on CUSTOM LINKS. Where it says:

  • URL – input a hashtag #
  • Link Text – input social:
  • Click ADD TO MENU

Step 5. Under MENU STRUCTURE click on SOCIAL: Where it says

  • CSS CLASSES (OPTIONAL) – type in left

Your custom social link should look like this:

Step 6. Under ADD MENU ITEMS… click on CUSTOM LINK again. This time where it says:

  • URL – input the link to your social media page like Facebook
  • Link Text – input the social media page name
  • Click ADD TO MENU

Step 7. Repeat step 6 to add more social media pages like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Step 8. When done click SAVE MENU at the top right.

Step 9. Now let’s add this menu to the widget section. Click APPEARANCE >> WIDGETS.

Step 10. Click on NAVIGATION MENU then choose FOOTER SOCIAL MENU from the dropdown. Click ADD WIDGET.

Step 11. Where it says SELECT MENU. Choose your Footer Social Menu then click SAVE.

You’re all set. Visit your site and refresh the page to see the change.