Featured, Popular, and Latest Post Tabs

This tutorial will go over how to setup the Home Tabs called Featured, Popular, and Latest. These are shown at the top of the Adore Me theme on the homepage.


Watch this video tutorial on how to setup these tabs or follow the steps below.

|Step 1 – Install Plugins

You will first need to install 2 plugins listed below.

  • Flexible Posts widget
  • WordPress Popular Posts

To do this, go to “Plugins” in your WordPress Dashboard. Click “Add New” and in the Search box type in Flexible Post Widget. Click “Install Now” then “Activate”.

Follow the same step above but search for WordPress Popular Posts.

|Step 2 – Featured Posts

We will use the category “Featured” to setup the first tab (called Featured). To do this you will need to have at least 1 post created. You can have a total of 4 posts for this tab.

Click on “Posts” in the WordPress dashboard and then click “Edit” for the post you would like to feature. Choose “Featured” under the “Categories” section then “Update” your post. You can do this again for up to 4 posts max. See image below.

Please also add a Featured Image to your posts if they do not have one.

Now we need to setup the widget. Click on “Appearance” then “Widgets”. Click on the widget called “Flexible Post Widget”, choose “Home Featured” from the dropdown list, then click “Add Widget”.

Change the widget settings to the settings in the 2 images below.

Click on Taxonomy and Term and change settings as shown below.

Save your changes then view your site. The first tab should be working now.

|Step 3 – Popular Posts

Now lets add your posts to the next tab, the Popular tab. This one is much quicker to setup.

Click on the widget “WordPress Popular Posts” and choose “Home Popular” from the dropdown options.

Change the widget settings to match the image below.

Copy this code below and paste it in the box that says Post HTML Markup

Save your changes then view your site.

|Step 4 – Latest Post

This is the last and final step. Now we need to configure the last tab “Latest” posts. In the widget area choose the widget “Flexible Posts Widgets” and “Home Latest” from the dropdown options.

Change the widget settings as shown in the image below.

Save your changes then view your site.

You should be all set now. If you are having any trouble please let me know.