Creating the Social Page

This tutorial will show you how to create a Social Page. You can use this page to direct your visitors to, from your Social Media Pages (like Facebook or Instagram). Direct them to your most important content on your site.

Example of a Social Page

To get started click on Pages >> Add New. Give it a title such as “Welcome!”

On the right side of the screen click on Page Attributes. Under “Template” click on Social

Add Content

Now you can add your content. You can put anything on this page that you like. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add an introduction message (use a Paragraph/Heading block)
  • Button/links to important pages on your site (use a Button block)
  • Buttons that link to your other social media pages (use a Button block)

When you are done adding your content click Publish.

Newest Post

Would like to display your latest posts on this page too? Follow these steps.

Step 1. First we will need to install a plugin. Click on Plugins >> Add New.

Step 2. In the search box, type in WP Latest Posts plugin. Click Install >> Activate

Step 3. Click on WP Latest Posts on the left side of your screen. Then click New Block.

Step 4. Give it a title such as “Social Page” then click on Display And Theme.

Step 5. Under “New Item”… check or uncheck the boxes you want to display. The demo site is using Thumbnail and Title.

Step 6. Click on “Theme Setup” (at the top). Where it says “Max Number of News”… change the number to 3.

Step 7. Click on “Image Source”. Where it says “Select Use Image”… choose Use Featured Image. Change Image Size to Large and turn on Full Height Images.

Step 8. Click “Publish”. Click on “Shortcode”… copy that code then go back to your Social Page you created.

Step 9. Add a shortcode block then paste the code you copied in Step 8. You can also add a Heading Block above the shortcode block and call it Newest Posts.

Your shortcode block should look something like this.

Step 4. Click Update then view your page.

Background Image

The background image comes from the “Featured Image”. While you are in the Social Page look on the right side for “Featured Image”. Click Set Featured Image and choose the image you would like to use. Images of 2400px in width work best.

Click Update when finished then view your page.

Image Example

When you are done… your social page editor should look something like this. Please note: the buttons and fonts may look different when seen on the live view.

Adding this Page to Your Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Copy the URL link for your Social page then go to your Facebook page (or other social media site) to paste this link in your About info. You can find the URL for your Social Page under “Permalink” within the editor. See image below.