Change the Ellie Jane Colors

For color ideas and inspiration take a look at our Mood Boards.

There are 3 areas to change the Ellie Jane colors:

Color Customizer

1. From the WordPress Dashboard click on Appearance >> Customize.

2. Next click on “Colors”.

3. Click on any of the “Select Color” to choose your own color. Preview it on the right.

4. To go back to the default color just click on “Default”.

5. Once your happy with the colors click on “Publish” at the top and view your site. If you don’t see the change right away… try clearing your browser’s cookie/cache files and try again.

Widget Above Footer

This is the area at the bottom of your site where the Instagram Feed is. I would first recommend writing down the color code you chose for the Accent Color in the previous steps above. You will need this color code.

  1. Click on Appearance >> Customize

2. Click on Additional CSS

3. Copy the code below then paste it in Additional CSS.

4. Change #eae5df to your Accent Color color code, you chose above.

5. If the preview looks good… click Publish

Simple Social Icons

Change the social icon color directly in the widget.

  1. Click on Appearance >> Widgets

2. Under Primary Sidebar… click on “Simple Social Icons”. Click “Select Color” to change the colors.

3. Click “Save” when done.

4. Repeat these steps to change other social icons that are on your site.