How to Create a Landing Page

This is not necessary. Only optional to those who are familiar with using a Landing Page. The landing page will not have a menu bar, sidebar, or footer area. It will only show the page title and the content. To create a Landing Page follow this tutorial.

1. Click on “Pages” then “Add New”. 

2. Give your page a title like Landing.

3. Enter your content to the page like you would normally do.

4. Then on the right under “Page Attributes” click on “default template”. Then choose “Landing”.

5. Click “Publish” when done.

Beyond Madison Theme

The Beyond Madison theme is using a Column block with an image on the left and a Heading, Paragraph, HTML (used for my MailChimp subscribe code) blocks on the right.

Add Landing Page to your Menu Bar

To add it to your menu bar click on Appearance >> Menus. Check mark the Landing Page under “Pages” then click “Add to Menu”. Click “Save Menu” then view your site.