Carpe Diem

Please follow the tutorials below to create your site just like the demo. If you run into any problems or have any questions while following the tutorial, please let us know. Don’t forget to submit your site to our Showcase page when you are done. We would love to see how your site looks!

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Start Here

Install the Demo Content (optional)

If you are starting a brand new site… your site will look nothing like the demo. Uploading the themes demo content is a great way to get started. You will be able to delete what you don’t want and keep what you need. This is optional. You are welcome to skip this step and move to “Left & Right Widgets in Header Area” below.

Notification Bar

This is the section at the very top of the Carpe Diem demo site. The demo site is using a Subscription widget but you can also use this area to make special announcements.

  • Subscribe Box – like the demo site
  • or use a “Text” widget to make special announcements. To do this… click on “Appearance” >> “Widgets“. Click on “Text” then choose “Notification Bar“. Insert your special announcement then click “Save“.

Header & Menu Bar

  • How to Setup the Menu Bar
  • Left Menu Extras – Social Media Icons
  • Right Menu Extras – the demo site has a search box right below the right menu. If you did not add the “Widget Content” (tutorial above) this is how to add the search box. First click on “Appearance” then “Widgets“. Next, click on “Search” then choose “Right Menu Extras” from the drop down. Click “Done” then view your site.
  • Accent Menu Tab
  • How to Add Your Own Logo – this is optional. You do not have to use a logo unless you want to. The best logo size is 700×228. If your logo is a different size please let us know, we can help you with that.

Homepage Setup

The Homepage is created with widgets in the Front Page widget sections. Follow this tutorial to set your homepage to look like the demo site.

Widget Above Footer

Follow this tutorial to setup the Subscribe Box in the Footer.

Footer Widgets

Footer 1

If you are not already there… click on “Appearance” >> “Widgets”. Click on “Custom HTML” then choose “Footer 1” from the dropdown. Copy/pates the code below into the Custom HTML widget.

Click “Save” when done.

Right below that is the Social Media Icons. Follow this tutorial to install the Social Media Icons.

Footer 2

Follow this tutorial to setup the Instagram Feed.

Blog Page

The Carpe Diem blog page looks like this.

  • Note – A good image size for your blog post’s “Featured Image” is 400px x 600px
  • Before Blog Widget – this is the categories right above the blog posts. If you have not created your Categories yet… see “Category Page” below.
  • How to Add the “Share This” Buttons
  • After Entry widget – you can place any widget in this widget area such as user profile, advertisement, or instagram widget. It will show up at the bottom of every post before the comments. I used the “Genesis – User Profile” widget on the demo site.

Ad Between Posts

This ad space shows after the second post on every blog page. To use this ad space click on Appearance >> Widgets. If you have an:

  • HTML/Javascript code for your ad – Click on “Custom HTML” widget and choose “Ad Between Posts”. Place your code in the Content box then click “Save”.
  • Image and Link for your ad – click on “Image Widget” and choose “Ad Between Posts”. Click “Select an Image”, choose your image, insert the link, then click “Save”.


This is the area to the right of the blog posts and pages.

Category Page

Follow this tutorial on how to create a category page. The category page on Carpe Diem looks like this. You can also follow along in the video tutorial here.

Contact Page

Follow this tutorial on how to create a Contact page.

Page Templates (these are optional)

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

If you would like to add a shop to your site please follow this tutorial.


Theme Information

Images Used on Demo Site

Images shown on the demo site came from Haute Stock (affiliate). Haute Stock updates their images regularly. We can not guarantee that you will be able to find the exact same images that are shown on the demo site.

Fonts Used

Color Codes Used

  • Accent Color (light green) – #eaedee
  • Second Accent Color – #edebea
  • Button Color (dark green) – #96a8ad
  • Second Button Color – #a69e9a

List of Plugins Used

  • Genesis eNews Extended
  • Genesis Featured Page Advanced
  • Genesis Simple Share
  • Image Widget
  • Ninja forms
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Smash Balloon Instagram Feed
  • Portfolio Post Type (optional – if you plan to use the portfolio)
  • WooCommerce (optional – this is the shopping cart)
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce (this is for the shopping cart)

Additional Resources

I have a really good page of resources and additional plugins that I recommend like a popup subscribe box plugin and more. You can find that page here.

Extra Tutorials

These tutorials are not necessary but only optional for those who are looking to customize their themes further.

You can also find more tutorials here.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about your theme and can’t find the answer above please feel free to submit a support ticket.

Please note: support is only provided for setup and installation, questions and concerns. Support is not provided for personal customizations to our themes.

New to WordPress

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