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Please follow the tutorials below to create your site just like the demo. If you run into problems or have questions while following the tutorial please let us know. Don’t forget to submit your site to our Showcase page when you are done. We would love to see how your site looks!

Installation Service

Want us to install it for you? Sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you with our Installation Service

Start Here

Click here to follow the steps to install your new theme.

Please watch this video on how to edit the Header/Logo area.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the menu bars.

Change Content To Your Own

Your Kadence theme is installed and your ready to make it your own. Please watch the video below on how to change the images and content to your own.

Please watch this video on how to edit the icons and links for the social icons.

Note: If you do not have an email subscription service yet, I highly recommend ConvertKit (affiliate). That is who I use but you are welcome to choose any subscription service of your choice.

For the sake of this tutorial, I will be using ConvertKit to demonstrate how to add a subscription form to your Kadence Theme. You can use any email subscription service that you prefer (it does not have to be ConvertKit).

Create a Form Through Your Email Marketing Service

If you’re not sure of how to create a form through your email marketing service, simply Google “how to create form + [name of your email marketing service]” and there is bound to be a tutorial or Youtube video.

Form Placement

You can add your subscription form to any part of the site. It can go in the Header, Footer, Sidebar, etc. Just add a “Custom HTML” block wherever you’d like to display the form.

Blog Posts

Click on “Posts” to add, edit, or delete a blog post. It’s also very important that you add a “Featured Image” to every blog post as this will be used on the main blog page.

Look for “Featured Image” on the right side when you are creating a new or editing an existing blog post.


The sidebar is the section that sits to the right of your blog posts. To edit this info… click on “Appearance” then “Widgets”. Click on any of the widgets to edit the content in the sidebar.


Follow this tutorial on how to create and use categories.

Click here to follow the steps to setup the Instagram Feed section.

You have the availability to change the fonts and colors for any page or the entire site. Please watch this video to find out how.

You can use the Block Collection when creating a new Page or Post. The Block Collection will give you access to all the blocks that were created and used for the making of the theme. This is how to access them:

1. Login to your Website.

2. Edit a Post/Page or create a new one.

3. Click on “Design Library” at the top left of the screen.

Matching Branding Products

I also offer coordinating products like logos, Pinterest, and Instagram templates, Thank You Cards, Social Media Planners, and other items in my shop to make branding your business less stressful!

How To Use Kadence and WordPress

If you have a question about how to use Kadence and your answer was not found above… you can also search through Kadence tutorials. The Kadence tutorials will show you how to customize your site such as changing the layout, moving elements, changing fonts/colors, and more.

Are you new to WordPress? Become more comfortable and confident with WP101 video tutorials. Watch this sample tutorial to get a quick introduction to WordPress. These tutorials will show you how to create blog posts, pages, insert images and more.

You will also find many helpful and free tutorials on YouTube.

I know starting a new site or changing your theme can be challenging. I’m also available to answer any questions you have. Just shoot me a message here.

Theme Information

Fonts Used

Color Codes Used

  • Black – #222222
  • Dark Grey – #B1B1B1
  • Light Grey – #F1F1F1
  • White – #FFFFFF

Plugins Used

  • Kadence Blocks
  • Kadence Starter Template
  • Smash Balloon Instagram Feed
  • Sidebar Shortcode

Additional Resources

I have a really good page of additional plugins and resources that I recommend like a privacy policy template and more. You can find that page here.